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The Heart of Hawaii

Blending city and nature

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The Valley Isle

Endless romance

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Hawaii Island

Island of Adventure

Nature's power on display

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Island of Discovery

Pure tranquility

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Like Nowhere Else On Earth

Each of Hawaii's islands harbors a new adventure

The Land

Hawaii's beaches are world-famous for the colored sand created by the very volcanoes that forged this paradise - from pristine white to green, red, or even jet-black. Whether you come for the sand or the legendary surf, the tropical weather makes every Hawaii day a beach day, year round.

Whether you're awestruck by thousand-foot cliffs, basking in the mist of a waterfall, or watching a lava flow make the very island grow before your eyes, there is simply no place on Earth like Hawaii to witness the sheer natural majesty of our planet.

It's more than a greeting or an expression of goodwill. The spirit of Aloha is the spirit of Hawaii, the core of its culture, and the law of the land. For many Hawaiians, this spirit of hospitality, generosity, and giving is a way of life. Experience Aloha for yourself.

Each step you take in Hawaii follows the footsteps of the past. From early ruins and the monuments of the Kingdom of Hawaii, to European and American settlement and wartime Oahu and Pearl Harbor, the fascinating history of the Pacific is always present.

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